Acoustic cameras in the automotive industry

The acoustic requirements for vehicles are becoming more demanding with each new vehicle generation - this applies to both the interior and the exterior.

In automotive development, therefore, the best possible reduction of noise and disturbing vibrations is essential. The following areas are generally the most problematic:


  • The engine and adjacent components
  • Wheels and tires
  • Vibrating parts in the driver's cab


Both on the test bench and the test track - with Seven Bel's mobile acoustic cameras, the sound scanners, no time is lost in lengthy research of underlying causes. This makes it possible to concentrate on solving the problems as quickly as possible. With the Sound Scanner P50, Seven Bel offers a sensor that can be used in confined spaces such as vehicle cabs, while the Sound Scanner P132 can be used to locate low-frequency sound events.


Schallmessung an einem Motorrad


Sound visualization allows sound-emitting surfaces on engine/gear components to be precisely localized. Among other things, this simplifies comparisons with simulation models.


Schallmessung an einem Baufahrzeug

Construction Vehicles

Identifying the dominant source of noise in the engine compartment makes it possible to implement effective insulation measures, thus reducing noise exposure for the driver and other parties involved.


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