Acoustic cameras in the energy industry

In electrical substations and with wind turbines, sound emissions are not uncommon and can often point to defects. When such sound events occur, the following questions usually arise:


  •     Where do partial discharges happen?
  •     Does a component need to be replaced?
  •     Is a rotor blade defective - and if so, which one?

By visually displaying sound sources, defective components can be identified with pinpoint accuracy and without interrupting operations. Whether it's high-frequency corona crackling and low-frequency transformer humming in a electrical substation or suspicious noises on wind turbines, acoustic cameras capture the acoustic data and provide all the relevant information for targeted problem solving. This massively shortens maintenance times.


Schallmessung an elektrischen Isolatoren


If many insulators are located in the same place, attributing noises to a single component can become difficult. Sound scanners help to provide clarity on the actual source of the malfunction and thus enable targeted maintenance or replacement of the correct component.

Schallmessung an einem Transformator


Transformers emit a variety of different sounds. With acoustic images, low-frequency transformer humming can be clearly distinguished from other, high-frequency sound events.

Schallmessung an einer Stromleitung

Electricity Network

Sound scanners can also be used in a variety of ways during periodic maintenance work on the power grid. Analyze high-frequency sound events such as corona crackling or partial discharges quickly and easily. This allows defective components to be precisely localized before total failure occurs.

Schallmessung an einem Windrad

Wind Power

Sound scanners allow precise analysis of the sound emissions from wind turbines. The visual display makes it easy to identify damaged and worn-out rotor blades - without interrupting ongoing operation.

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