Other Applications for acoustic cameras

People are setting increasingly stricter standards regarding noise generated by objects they use in their daily lives. Acoustic requirements for such products must therefore be taken into account both during product development and during quality control.

For example, during quality control, acoustically abnormal devices can be eliminated from the production line and examined more closely. Sound Scanners help to isolate the cause of unwanted noises and to discuss targeted measures with suppliers and/or manufacturers.


Theoretically, there are hardly any limits to the range of applications for Sound Scanners. For both manufacturing companies and service providers noise control will remain a hot topic. It requires proactive efforts to fight noise emissions - a task that can easily be accomplished with Sound Scanners from Seven Bel.


Schallmessung an einem Handstaubsauger

Household appliances

The localization of noise sources on household appliances helps manufacturers to evaluate the factors influencing overall sound radiation. As a result, required minimum standards can be met quickly and easily.


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