Machinery and Equipment

The reduction of noise emissions is gaining more and more importance in the development of machinery and equipment. Sound pressure level meters help you determine whether a product or process complies with regulatory limits ​​- but what do you do if this is not the case? The answer to this is typically a lengthy and tedious process of finding the root cause.

Sound scanners from Seven Bel support you in quickly localizing unwanted noise in your product or process. This makes it easier for you to take effective actions to reduce the overall noise level.

Sound scanners from Seven Bel can be used in the following situations:

  • Construction of optimized machine housings by visualizing hot spots of sound emissions during a machining process


  • Definition of sound proofing  measures by localizing dominant sound sources of a special purpose machine during a machining process


  • Identification of dominant sound sources in plants for the production of biogas


  • Localization of unexpected noise emitted from plant equipment with restricted access due to the danger of high voltage flashover


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