Everything About Coherence Scanning Holography

This whitepaper describes a new method for visualizing sound sources using a rotating array of digital microphones, focusing on automotive leakage detection.

It covers hardware, signal processing, and applications in quality control.

The main topics covered include:

  • Introduction: Overview of the challenges in localizing sound sources with moving microphones, particularly in automotive contexts.
  • State of the Art: Examination of existing technologies and the limitations of current sound imaging methods.
  • Sensor Concept: Detailed description of the hardware, including the rotating linear microphone array and its properties.
  • Acoustic Image Computation: Explanation of the algorithms used to process the acoustic signals and generate spatial heatmaps.
  • Signal Properties: Analysis of the characteristics of signals acquired by moving microphones, including Doppler effect compensation.
  • Applications: Practical applications in automotive leakage detection, highlighting the setup, measurement process, and real-world results.