The Sound Scanner:
Precise, Intuitive & Mobile

The Sound Scanner is the first acoustic camera based on the “Sound Field Scanning” technology. It can locate sound sources in the frequency band from 125Hz to 44kHz and delivers high-quality acoustic images directly to a mobile device for analysis.




The Next-Generation
Acoustic Camera

In “Sound Field Scanning,” the incident sound field is sampled with just five microphones; however, a superior algorithm represents 400 virtual microphone positions. We process only a fraction of the data compared to traditional acoustic cameras, that’s why we can do it without complex hardware. We compute the acoustic image directly in the cloud, and visualize the results using mobile app technology.

Locate Sound from 125Hz

Compact, Lightweight and Handy

Wireless and Battery-powered

The Unbeatable Advantages
of the Sound Scanner

Seven Bel's Spectogram

Easy-to-Use on Mobile Devices and Desktop

The Sound Scanner is a trailblazer in terms of usability. By using mobile devices included in the package, the measurement process and analysis of results are easier than ever before. Familiar gestures such as pinch, zoom, and tap enable intuitive operation.

Analyze measurement results across the full time and frequency spectrum and effortlessly share reports as PDFs via email or save them in the cloud—all intuitively, thanks to a self-explanatory user interface.


Seven Bel's Sound Scanner easily mobile

Unlimited Mobility: Indoor & Outdoor

The Sound Scanner offers unmatched mobility and simplicity. Lightweight, compact, and handy, it can be effortlessly transported—from construction sites to testing labs or anechoic chambers.

Thanks to its wireless, battery-powered components with up to 6 hours of runtime, it is ideally suited for outdoor use. Experience limitless mobility, both indoors and outdoors—on the go in cars, trains, or airplanes.

Check Measurement Results on Mobile Devices

Technically Speaking: a Class of Its Own

The Sound Scanner is in a class of its own, thanks to its unique Sound Field Scanning technology, which delivers precise measurement results across the entire time and frequency spectrum with a dynamic range of over 13dB and high noise sensitivity.

Paired with our modular system and a measurement surface of up to 2.5m in diameter, it enables exceptional spatial resolution and localization accuracy at low frequencies starting from 125Hz.


Modular & Versatile

The Sound Scanner redefines flexibility. With a system that covers frequencies ranging from 125Hz to 44kHz, you are equipped for all applications, in the audible range and ultrasound. Thanks to its modular design, you can add additional sensors for extended frequency ranges at any time.


P254 | from 125 Hz

The largest mobile acoustic camera in the market, perfect for environmental noise and immission control measurements.

Seven Bel's Sound Scanner P254

P132 | from 250 Hz

The allround sensor, ideally suited for use on construction sites, in anechoic chambers, and testing laboratories.

Seven Bel's Sound Scanner P132

P50 | from 700 Hz

Handheld acoustic camera for use in vehicle interiors or confined spaces.

Seven Bel's Sound Scanner P50

P12 | from 2,8 kHz

The acoustic camera for locating gas or compressed air leaks as well as partial discharge activity.

Seven Bel's Sound Scanner P12
Quality Control, LISEC Austria GmbH

"Our glass processing centers meet the highest quality standards. The noise emissions of our products are a particular concern for us. Acoustic images assist our engineers in understanding dominant noise sources during the processing and in developing optimized machine enclosures."

Markus Cela Blazquez Quality Control, LISEC Austria GmbH

Customized Solutions for
Your Field of Application

Building Acoustics & Environmental Noise


Product Development & Quality Assurance


NVH Automotive, Aerospace & Rail


Precise Acoustic Image
Within Seconds

Through cloud computing and artificial intelligence, acoustic images are made available on a mobile device for immediate analysis.
In real-time, precise, and across the full frequency and time range.

Scan the Sound Field

Put the sensor in motion and scan the sound field. The mobile device controls the measurement process and sends the data to the cloud.

Get the Image

In the cloud, the acoustic image is calculated by our patented algorithm. Alternatively, it can be processed on a high-performance laptop on-site.

Analyse the Results

The acoustic image is sent back to the mobile device for analysis. Detailed analysis is conducted on a laptop using special software features.

Post-Processing without Limits

In addition to the Acoutect app on the mobile device, Sound Scanner users can utilize comprehensive functions and features in post-processing. Our software engineers have developed customized features for a variety of special applications that are unmatched in the market.

Screenshot of Seven Bel's Sound Scanner Feature: 3D Echotrack


Software Package Advanced


Desktop App Feature

Analyse Room Acoustics with 3D Echotrack

3D Echotrack lets you analyse sound propagation paths, reflections and problem areas in room acoustics, especially anomalies experienced during reverberation time measurements.

Select the time interval of the reverberation signal and analyse the resulting acoustic images in extremely short time intervals. Focus your attention on unwanted room reflections or quantify the effectiveness of absorbers and diffusers.



Screenshot of Seven Bel's Software Feature: Psychoacoustic Metrics


Software Package Advanced


Mobile App Feature

Assess Annoyance of Sound Objectively

Psychoacoustics is of particular importance to development engineers as it provides a solid foundation for quantifying the annoyance of sound emitted from products and processes.

By considering factors such as loudness, roughness, sharpness, and tonality, psychoacoustic metrics enable an objective assessment and the right choice of design variants to improve the product experience.


Screenshot of Seven Bel's Software Feature: Hi-Speed Capture


Software Package Advanced


Desktop App Feature

Locate Transient Sound Events

Locate transient, repeatable sound events with exceptionally high temporal resolution. Our Sound Scanner records these events under various orientations.

Select the relevant time interval of the audio signal and analyze the sound event with a time resolution of just 200 microseconds in terms of sound source location and propagation.


Looking for the right Sound Scanner?

Our experts are happy to provide information about technical specifications, pricing and possible applications of our acoustic camera.