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Identify disruptors in real-time and optimize your product without lengthy testing phases. Our acoustic camera helps you efficiently resolve noise issues and significantly reduce your time-to-market.


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Our Acoustic Camera Cuts Time and Cost

In today’s fiercely competitive market, speed is as crucial as quality. Our acoustic camera is the pivotal tool that helps you achieve both. By visually depicting noise sources, development teams can immediately see where issues lie and swiftly implement solutions. This eliminates the need for lengthy iterative tests, traditionally consuming time and resources.

Furthermore, by detecting noise issues early on, you can ensure compliance with noise regulations, thus avoiding costly retrofits often discovered just before market launch. Not only does this contribute to cost-effectiveness, but it also enhances the end product by ensuring it meets customer expectations for comfort and quality.


Acoustic image of a dyson vacuum cleaner

Acoustic Optimization of Household Appliances

Development engineers need to understand with high confidence how multiple, closely located sound sources contribute to the overall sound pressure level. Across the entire relevant frequency range, the acoustic image with high spatial resolution and wide dynamic range reveals dominant sound radiation from the electric motor in the handle area, followed by the dust separator and the intake noise from the nozzle. This information enables the implementation of effective technical solutions to achieve a required target sound level.

Acoustic image of a Fill CNC machine

Compliance with Noise Limits in Machining Processes

Machine tools cover a wide operating envelope in material processing. Certain combinations of tool, speed, feed rate, and material can result in excessive sound pressure levels during machining. Acoustic images precisely locate areas where sound insulation improvements of the enclosure are needed, allowing machining equipment to operate at peak performance while meeting regulatory requirements.

Acoustic image of a KEBA cash recycler

Sound Design of Vending Machines

The coin dispensing noise from a cash recycler may disrupt conversations with bank customers. Manufacturers of these machines strive to design their products to be psychoacoustically pleasant. This requires a fundamental understanding of the sources of sound radiation. Acoustic images highlight the main locations at the dispensing tray and an opening in the bottom plate (reflection) on the front side as well as at the ventilation grille and the maintenance door on the reverse side.

Acoustic image of a Fill CNC Machine

Optimal Installation of Machines

The perceived noise around machining equipment is dependent on its installation environment. Room corners, low reflective ceilings or hard surfaces are significant causes of elevated sound pressure levels. The acoustic image shows a dominant reflection from a glass front at a work safety-relevant observation point. The root cause is due to sound radiation through an opening at the top of the machine tool. This information aids in decision-making for potential technical solutions – whether to directly modify the machine or implement room acoustic measures such as absorbent curtains.

Get the Acoustic Image delivered within seconds

Through cloud computing and artificial intelligence, acoustic images are made available on a mobile device for immediate analysis.
Real-time, precise, and across the full frequency and time range.

Scan the Sound Field

Put the sensor in motion and scan the sound field. The mobile device controls the measurement process and sends the data to the cloud.

Get the Image

In the cloud, the acoustic image is calculated by our patented algorithm. Alternatively, it can be processed on a high-performance laptop on-site.

Akustischebild Bearbeitung in Seven Bel Desktop App

Analyse the Results

The acoustic image is sent back to the mobile device for analysis. Detailed analysis is conducted on a laptop using special software features.

Akustische Kamera - Guide für Einsteiger
Quality Control, LISEC Austria GmbH

"Our glass processing centers meet the highest quality standards. The noise emissions of our products are a particular concern for us. Acoustic images assist our engineers in understanding dominant noise sources during the processing and in developing optimized machine enclosures."

Markus Cela Blazquez Quality Control, LISEC Austria GmbH
Liebherr Haushaltgeräte Lienz GmbH

"Our household appliances meet the highest quality standards regarding noise emissions. Acoustic images support us in quality assurance by quickly locating anomalies, implementing solutions in a targeted manner, and thus delivering consistently high-quality products to our customers."

Bernhard Mühlburger Liebherr Haushaltgeräte Lienz GmbH

"Our processing machines must meet legal requirements regarding noise emission. The acoustic camera assists our engineers in the product development process by identifying unwanted sound sources during the machining process and enabling the targeted development of optimized machine enclosures."

Matthias Gamisch FILL GmbH

Powerful Features
for Your Post-Processing

Our desktop app offers powerful functionalities for detailed evaluation of data captured with the acoustic camera on-site. With a variety of specific and high-performance features, it enables comprehensive analysis and provides you the opportunity to examine the results in detail.

Live Modus Feature


Software Package Advanced

Live Mode

Conduct real-time sound source localization. Select the relevant frequency range and use advanced acoustic image controls to quickly and efficiently confirm the location of a sound source from different viewing angles.

A private cloud configuration is required.

Screenshot of Seven Bel's Software Feature: Psychoacoustic Metrics


Mobile App Feature


Software Package Advanced

Psychoacoustic Metrics

Understanding psychoacoustics is particularly relevant for development engineers as it provides a solid foundation for quantifying the annoyance of noises.

By considering factors such as loudness, roughness, sharpness, and tonality, the underlying metric ensures precise analysis and improvement of the product experience.

Feature from Seven Bel's Desktop App "Smart Reports"


Software Package Professional


Software Package Advanced

Smart Reports

Process individual or multiple measurements automatically with freely selectable settings for acoustic images, and generate a standardized report.

The import of acoustic image settings for the individual measurements is done using a Microsoft Excel template. The report is available as an editable Microsoft Word document and can be fully customized according to your preferences.

Choose the Software Package
That Suits You Best

The Basic license provides a solid foundation for mobile analysis directly through our app.
For more advanced requirements, we recommend our Advanced or Pro licenses, which enable advanced features and maximum productivity.



per year

Android Mobile App

  • Live Audio Stream
  • Adjustable Time & Frequency Resolution
  • Time Averaging
  • Selective Listening
  • Archiving & Shareable PDF Report



per year

Everything in BASIC, plus

  • Windows Desktop App
  • Map and Probe
  • Raw Data Export
  • Enhanced Acoustic Image Controls
  • Smart Presets and Reports



per year

Everything in PRO, plus

  • Hi-Speed Capture
  • 3D EchoTrack
  • Psychoacoustic Metrics
  • Partial Discharge Analysis
  • Gas Leak Inspector
  • Live Mode


What does a Sound Scanner Kit contain?

A Sound Scanner Kit priced at €5.490 comes with the following components:

  • 1 sensor of your choice
  • 1 mobile device (tablet or smartphone)
  • 1 calibration speaker
  • 1 tripod
  • 1 laser distance meter
  • 1 carrying case
What distinguishes Public and Private Cloud infrastructures for computing acoustic images?

Public cloud users send their data to the cloud, relying on an internet-capable data connection. In contrast, private cloud users transfer data to a local high-performance laptop using a local WiFi connection.

The computation time for acoustic images is generally comparable between these configurations. The private cloud package is ideal for users without an internet-capable data connection at the measurement location who prefer to analyze results on-site.

Can I use my own mobile devices?

The camera characteristics of the provided mobile device are measured and compensated. While the mobile app can technically be installed on other Android devices (Android operating system version 10.0 or higher), conducting measurements with such devices is not recommended.

This is because the localization accuracy cannot be guaranteed due to missing information on the camera module. However, any compatible mobile device can be used for importing and analyzing measurement data recorded with the provided mobile device.

Can I use my own laptop?

The Private Cloud configuration includes a dedicated, pre-configured high-performance laptop for efficient computation of acoustic images with minimal response time.

Please note that we do not support the installation of the compute service on other equipment.

What additional costs arise besides the annual software license?

For Public Cloud users, an internet-capable data connection is required, and additional costs for metered data connections (e.g., mobile data) should be considered.

What is the average recording time for a measurement?

In many situations, successful localization of acoustic sources can be achieved with a recording time of only 5-10 seconds per measurement.