Building Acoustics
and Noise Control




In the “Decoding Decibels” webinar, we delved into the transformative role of acoustic cameras in building acoustics and environmental noise control.

The webinar emphasizes how these devices, particularly the innovative sound scanner, provide detailed insights into sound transmission and its impact on professional settings.



Webinar Slide about Sound Transmission Between Rooms




Introduction to Acoustic Camera Technology

The presentation began with a detailed introduction to the Sound Scanner, a state-of-the-art acoustic camera.

This device employs patented sound field scanning technology to measure sound at more than 400 positions with just five microphones, minimizing data processing and eliminating the need for bulky equipment.

The scanner’s design—comprising a tripod fixture, a rotating sensor, and a mobile device interface—ensures mobility, ease of use, and rapid data processing in cloud environments.



Building Acoustics: Case Study

Thomas Rittenschober, our CEO, presented a compelling case study on building acoustics. The study focused on a modern building with a glass facade, where newly installed interior partitions led to complaints about sound transmission between a meeting room and adjacent office space.

By using the Sound Scanner, the team accurately identified a cable feedthrough under a ceiling panel as the source of significant sound leakage. This example illustrated the scanner’s ability to pinpoint sound transmission issues, guiding effective remediation measures.



Environmental Noise Control

The webinar also explored the application of acoustic cameras in environmental noise control. Thomas described a scenario involving a 14-story production building exceeding noise regulations.

By setting up the Sound Scanner at strategic locations around and within the plant, the team could identify dominant noise sources and simulate various noise control measures, such as barriers and silencers, to predict their effectiveness accurately.



Final Thoughts

The “Decoding Decibels” webinar effectively highlighted the revolutionary impact of acoustic cameras in analyzing and addressing sound-related issues in building construction and environmental management.

Participants gained valuable insights into using this technology to enhance their professional practices, improve compliance with noise regulations, and implement targeted noise reduction strategies.


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