Making Sound visible: eQventure Investment for Seven Bel



Upper Austrian start-up devotes itself to the visualisation of sound

Linz, May 6th, 2020: The sound level of seventy decibels – or seven bels – is the threshold for noise that may potentially be harmful to human’s health over time. To support engineers in developing quieter products, Thomas Rittenschober, who holds a PhD degree in mechatronics, founded the company Seven Bel.

The Linz based start-up patented a novel technology for the visualisation of sound and developed it up to production readiness. It has the potential to be widely used as standard measurement device across industries.


Founders of Seven Bel GmbH

Seven Bel’s core team consisting of Michael Andessner, Barbara Rittenschober und Thomas Rittenschober, announces the investment of eQventure.
Photo Credits: Junge Digitale


Acoustic Images by Seven Bel

Acoustic cameras for the visualisation of sound have been around since the turn of the millennial. However, they are expensive to purchase (starting at EUR 40,000 and above), have limited mobility and predominantly need expert knowledge for the operation. Seven Bel’s radical new technology simplifies many things considerably – without losses in image quality.

A rotating sensor scans the sound field and a mobile app shows the sound sources as well as acoustical problem zones on a photo or video, similar to a thermal imaging camera. Users can analyse the acoustic images directly on their smartphones and share them with colleagues, partners or clients in the form of automatically generated reports.

“As we developed our measurement device, we paid special attention to the importance of getting quick results”, emphasises Thomas Rittenschober. It takes less than five minutes to see first images, including set-up of the device. Other unique features include the exceptional image quality, as well as the simplicity to operate the system. Additionally, the mobility and attractive cost compared to its competition vote for Seven Bel’s solutions.

The sound scanners are available in two sizes. The longer version provides reliable results specifically for low frequency sound as experienced in industrial applications. The shorter version can also be utilized in confined spaces, such as car cabins.

Once the location of sound sources is known, valuable time can be saved during development of products and processes and dedicated directly to the solution of the acoustic problem.

The team has successfully demonstrated the technology in collaboration with companies such as KTM (motorcycles), Fill (machinery construction) and Liebherr (appliances). The measurement system can also be used in room acoustics, quality control and maintenance: For instance, one can easily detect acoustic problem areas in buildings or in products during the manufacturing process and take appropriate measures.

Seven Bel plans to enter the market in the summer of 2020, led by sales expert and CSO Michael Andessner, previously a country manager for a Japanese corporation in the precision metrology industry.


eQventure Investment

Seven Bel’s ground-breaking product development convinced the investment company eQventure to invest EUR 500,000 and support the company with a strong network and fundamental entrepreneurial and technical know-how.

Starting immediately, a range of international industry experts, including the successful sensor entrepreneurs Clemens Gasser and Albert Niel, actively consult Seven Bel. “Even in economically difficult times, we invest in companies with high potential. Specifically, some technology companies are growing very fast now”, comments eQventure founder Herbert Gartner on the most recent investment decision.


About Seven Bel

Seven Bel specialises in the visualisation of sound emissions from industrial products and processes. The Linz based company received the 2019 Edison award in Gold for technology-oriented ideas. It has been supported financially by aws, FFG and the Upper-Austrian start-up incubator tech2b since its foundation in 2018.