The Sound Scanner
For Precise Sound Analysis

Experience the revolution in sound analysis with acoustic cameras. From architectural acoustics to the automotive industry, these state-of-the-art devices provide detailed insights into soundscapes, enable precise measurements, and support the development of quieter, more efficient products and environments.



Building Acoustics Tools in an Empty Room

Building Acoustics & Environmental Noise

Acoustic cameras are indispensable tools in architectural acoustics and environmental noise measurement. They enable precise visualization of sound propagation in buildings and the surrounding environment.

These data are crucial for the development of effective noise control solutions and the optimization of room acoustics. By analyzing environmental noise, acoustic cameras also contribute to creating more livable urban environments.




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Product Development & Quality Assurance

In product development, acoustic cameras provide detailed insights into the sound generated by products during their operation. This information is crucial for optimizing product designs, reducing noise emissions, and improving overall performance.

By accurately capturing sound sources, acoustic cameras support companies in developing quieter and more efficient products.



Auto in an anechoic chamber

NVH Automotive, Aerospace & Rail

In the field of mobility, acoustic cameras are crucial instruments for identifying and localizing noise sources, vibrations, and unwanted sound events. Through their precise measurements, they contribute to minimizing vehicle noise and improving ride comfort.

Acoustic cameras enable engineers to detect NVH (Noise, Vibration, and Harshness) issues early in the development process and to develop targeted solutions to enhance the quality and competitiveness of automobiles.