Sound Field Scanning
The Gamechanger for Automotive NVH Engineers




The webinar, led by Robert Lang, the Chief Growth Officer, and Thomas Rittenschober, CEO of Seven Bel, focuses on the revolutionary technology in automotive NVH (Noise, Vibration, and Harshness) engineering – Sound Field Scanning.

We discuss the sound scanner, a new acoustic camera and its patented technology that is disrupting the way acoustic measurements are conducted in the automotive industry.



Slide of the Webinar about Sound Emission from an HVAC Unit

Sound Field Scanning Technology

We begin by explaining the technology behind the new Sound Scanner, which utilizes a rotating linear array system with one reference and up to seven moving microphones. This system is designed to achieve superior dynamic and spatial resolution, allowing for more accurate detection and analysis of sound sources in automotive components.



Practical Applications and Demonstrations

Several real-world applications of the Sound Scanner in automotive NVH situations are presented:

  • Engine and Powertrain Testing: The device’s ability to accurately locate sound sources in engine components at both low and high frequencies is highlighted.
  • Cabin Leakage Testing: The sound scanner is used to identify leakages in car cabins, demonstrating its utility in both product engineering and quality control.



Advantages of the Sound Scanner

The presentation emphasizes the advantages of the Sound Scanner, including its modular design, wireless data transfer, battery operation, and user-friendly interface. These features collectively enhance mobility, flexibility, and ease of use in various testing environments.



Final Thoughts

The webinar showcases the Sound Scanner’s potential to revolutionize NVH assessments in the automotive industry by providing faster, more accurate, and more detailed acoustic measurements.

The technology not only improves problem-solving capabilities but also enhances the overall sound quality of automotive products.


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