Tapping Machine

Tapping Machine EOS

The maintenance-free tapping machine is qualified for measuring impact sound insulation according to ISO 16283 and ISO 10140. With a weight of only 10.6 kg or 12.7 kg including the battery, it is one of the lightest and most effective tapping machines in the market.

A special technical highlight is the electromagnetic lifting system of the hammers, which allows precise control of the drop time and high accuracy in impact sound excitation – an invaluable advantage over purely mechanically controlled systems.

Technical Specifications

  • Weight: Minimum weight of 10.6 kg; with battery and hammer protection 12.7 kg
  • Case: Aluminum
  • Hammer lifting system: Electromagnetic
  • Power supply: 100 V~ and 240 V~ ± 10 %
  • Power: 125 W
  • Battery life: Approximately one hour with continuous operation
  • Battery indicator: LCD display
  • Included accessories: Battery, remote control, charging cable, carrying case

Other Accessories

Dodekaeder Lautsprecher

Dodecahedron Speaker

The ultra-lightweight dodecahedron speaker is designed for measuring airborne sound insulation according to ISO 16283 and ISO 10140, as well as for measuring reverberation time according to ISO 3382.

  • Weight: 5 kg
  • Sound power: 120.5 dB
  • Diameter: 31 cm


Ultraschall Lautsprecher

Ultrasound Transmitter

The portable ultrasonic speaker is the ideal complement to the Sound Scanner P12 for locating leaks in containers and cabins with high tightness requirements.

  • Number of speaker modules: 9
  • Frequency range: 39.6 kHz – 39.8 kHz
  • Battery-powered


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