Ultrasound Transmitter

Ultrasonic Speaker

The portable ultrasound transmitter with a diffuser for hemispherical directivity is the ideal complement to the Sound Scanner P12 for locating leaks in containers and cabins with high tightness requirements.

Battery operation and remote control enable convenient operation of the sound source in enclosed containers and cabins.

Technical Specifications

  • Number of speakers: 9
  • Frequency: alternating between 39.6kHz and 39.8kHz
  • Power levels: 6 power levels up to a sound pressure level of 117dB at 1m distance
  • Diffuser for hemispherical directivity
  • Integrated magnets in a robust protective cover for attaching the transmitter to metal surfaces
  • Power supply: 6 AA alkaline or rechargeable batteries
  • Remote control

Other Accessories

Dodekaeder Lautsprecher

Dodecahedron Speaker

The ultra-lightweight dodecahedron speaker is designed for measuring airborne sound insulation according to ISO 16283 and ISO 10140, as well as for measuring reverberation time according to ISO 3382.

  • Weight: 5 kg
  • Sound power: 120.5 dB
  • Diameter: 31 cm


Tapping Machine

Tapping Machine

The maintenance-free standard impact hammer is qualified for measuring impact sound insulation according to ISO 16283 and ISO 10140.

  • Weight: 10.6 kg
  • High precision due to electromagnetic lifting mechanism
  • Battery operated


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