Acoustic cameras in Building acoustics

Unwanted sound transmissions in buildings are a major problem - finding the cause can quickly become a guessing game.

The use of an acoustic camera in combination with an omnidirectional loudspeaker or a tapping machine provides building acousticians with information about all acoustic conditions within a building, e.g.:


  • Sound transmissions between rooms and floors
  • Acoustic leakages at e.g. doors and windows
  • Sound reflections from objects such as ventilation systems and railing constructions


With Sound Scanners, measurements can be made quickly and efficiently at different locations. Even low-frequency sound events can be located and analyzed accurately with the Sound Scanner P132. The civil engineering office Krückl-Seidel-Mayr & Partner already uses this technology in its daily business and benefits from increased efficiency. The experiences made have been summarized in a user report: Acoustic camera as ultrasmart assistant


Leckageortung an einer Tür - Konferenzraum

Conference Rooms

Today, sound insulation is a minimum requirement for office and conference rooms. Sound scanners can detect acoustic weak points, e.g. on doors, and thus show where improvements are necessary to make rooms as soundproof as possible.

Schallmessung an einem Raumlüftungssystem

Ventilation systems

By localizing airflow noise on extraction shafts, weak points in ventilation systems can be identified. Noise transmission between different rooms, the origin of which is otherwise difficult to determine, can thus be efficiently prevented and eliminated.

Schallmessung an einer Wand


With traditional methods, sound transmission between walls is difficult to investigate without invasive procedures. Sound scanners solve this problem and provide a quick and easy way to visually display the issue.


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