Acoustic cameras with environmental noise

Operating facilities for production and energy generation can cause noise emissions that, among other things, violate legal requirements. This gives rise to the following problems:

  • Legal disputes with local residents
  • Impaired working atmosphere for employees and involved parties


While the fact of exceeding limit values is quickly proven, the attribution to noise emitters at cogeneration plants, transformer stations, or industrial parks is a time-consuming endeavor. Acoustic cameras provide a quick overview of dominant noise sources at operating facilities and make it possible to quickly implement technical solutions.

The unrivaled mobility of our Sound Scanners, allows measurements to be made quickly and efficiently at different locations. With the Sound Scanner P132, low-frequency sound events that usually occur in this field can be located and analyzed problem-free.


Schallmessung an einer Absauganlage auf einem Betriebsgelände

Operating facilities

With the help of a sound scanner, it was possible to localize the dominant sound source on an extraction system. The company was thus able to solve the problem quickly and effectively without having to fear legal disputes.


Schallmessung an einer Förderanlage

Conveyor systems

Depending on the type and location of conveyor systems, nearby parties may contribute to minimum noise requirements for the system. In such cases, acoustic cameras are well suited for straightforward verification and optimization.



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