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Seven Bel was founded in 2018 and has developed the Sound Scanner, a device that visualizes and locates sound quickly and easily. This new technology for acoustic cameras is based on a sensor that scans the sound field on a circular surface. The technology is easy to use (operation via mobile app), fast to set up (first measurement results incl. setup time for the measurement system in less than 3 minutes), mobile (no large build-ups or cables needed), and provides high-quality measurement results even for low-frequency sound events.

The company name Seven Bel is derived from the sound level 70 decibels (or 7 Bel), the limit above which noise can be potentially harmful to human health in the long term. The motivation of Seven Bel is to help engineers develop more silent products or to efficiently target where something is too loud. Often the origin of sound is difficult to determine or not where you think it is. With the Sound Scanner, our acoustic camera, it can be detected quickly and easily. Time that is often spent in lengthy cause research or tests can be saved.

Making sound visible and displaying it on images makes it easier to implement high-quality technical solutions, thereby making products and processes quieter and contributing to overall sound reduction.


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Making Sound Visible: Seven Bel Receives eQventure Investment


Linz, May 6th, 2020: The sound level of seventy decibels – or seven bels – is the threshold for noise that may potentially be harmful to human’s health over time. To support engineers in developing quieter products, Thomas Rittenschober, who holds a PhD degree in mechatronics, founded the company Seven Bel. The Linz based start-up patented a novel technology for the visualisation of sound and developed it up to production readiness. It has the potential to be widely used as standard measurement device across industries...

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